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October 9, 2018



Welcome back. Good to see you agian! Last week we talked about color choices in decorating & stain color for log walls. Now is a perfect time to take a look at our current cabin project to see the color choices picked out by our customers. The outside logs are done in Natural Capture® and the inside walls are done in Symphony clear coat. They blend so nicly and bring out the logs natural glow. Simply beautiful! See more photos on our Projects page.


Musings:  by Toni


I think back on my fluctuating childhood and smile. The ups and downs – it was a journey of memory making. I remember the seasons of beans and rice for dinner. The times where we'd sit out on the porch with the boxed strawberry plants, singing hymns and trusting in Providence.


I remember my mom taking my brothers and I aside to thank God for the groceries and cookies left on our doorstep by some anonymous giver. Or the Christmas our Suburban was loaded with gifts while parked at Dad's job site.


The times we moved – how mom always treated it as an adventure. We helped clean the new house, participating in creating the home my parents envisioned. And Mom always let us pick out the color for our bedroom trim. It was exciting.


As a young person I'm sure I recognized Dad's wild jumps from dream to dream. But it wasn't until I was much older that I realized sign painting, pheasant raising, elk ranching and Christmas tree farms were uncommon careers. Or that Dad's many entrepreneurial ventures were deemed sporadic and risky by more than a few friends and family members. Some even may have thought my dad was irresponsible or unpredictable. As children we saw the adventure.



They weren't all “low” times. But I don't remember anything remarkable or nostalgic or meaningful about the easy times. I did enjoy having my dad close to home. I loved the evenings of sitting in the barn on a milk crate, watching my Dad paint. Paint thinner still is a comforting smell to me. I loved him being home for dinner, the campfire marshmallow nights. The astronomy lessons and childhood stories. Or waking up at 4 AM to catch pheasants for the hunters. Dad was also encouraging me in my own business ventures as I grew older. My parents expected great things from my siblings and I. And now I think it was their belief in me that gave me the attitude that I could do anything I set my heart to.


When Dad did leave for the oil field, there was a piece missing in our lives, a gap that grew wider with time. It was a season where “Dad” was a voice on the phone and the head chair sat empty most of the months of the year.


I guess it isn't too surprising that now, at 26 years old, I am married to a visionary/artist. And even while living my own dreams with my own distinct life I still play a part in one of my Dad's ventures. We all may have had some degree of skepticism of his idea to build log cabins, but like with most of his ventures, he made it happen. So I now do marketing for Fidelity Home Solutions, the family business my Dad dreamed up and put into action. And so does my husband. And I am filled with thankfulness. My husband's chair is occupied every night, and he isn't just a voice over the phone anymore either. Part of that is due to my Dad's wild dreaming and his desire to put his family first.


Local Business: In the Spot Light...Evan's Brothers

Is coffee good for you?  With 83% of adults in the U.S drinking coffee on a ever day basis – this is an important question.

Here's the answer in short: cheap, non-organic, moldy coffee beans make bad coffee. 
Organic, quality coffee beans make good healthy coffee.

Blends and decaf coffee often mix cheap moldy beans from various crops and places with some good beans. Non-organic brands use pesticides for their coffee crops. When you think of coffee what is evoked in your mind? If you think watery, gritty, oily, burnt.... you are drinking unhealthy coffee.



Coffee is actually a superfood!

Your coffee source is important! Central America is known for the cleanest coffee. No mycotoxins and half the acid of regular coffee. These toxins can cause all sorts of health problems like cancer, kidney disease and even brain damage. Not to mention it makes coffee bitter tasting and hard on the stomach!

Healthy coffee beans are one of nature's most potent sources of disease-fighting antioxidants. Caffeine from a healthy coffee bean is a protective factor in dementia and Alzheimer's disease. It can also improve your mood, memory, athletic performance and even help you lose weight!


So where do I buy my coffee? From the local, family owned business – Evan's Brothers! I love their coffee. And they do too! They take pride in their quality organic beans. They are concerned about the cultivation, harvesting, storage and roasting processes.

To quote them directly from their website – “The entire coffee chain from seed to cup, there are infinite combinations of variables affecting the end result...Coffee is so complex and always changing. Coffee that was harvested 3 or 4 months ago will certainly taste more vibrant and complex than it will in 9 or 10 months. For us, this means paying close attention to harvest cycles around the world and purchasing coffee that is still in-season."

So: Yes! Coffee IS good for you. Buy local. Drink organic. Be Healthy!


Here's to good coffee, family adventures and dreams!


Blessings, Toni & Rosanne





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