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Urban Homestead Food Sufficiency

August 16, 2018








Knowing how your food was taken care of is one of the best rewards of growing your own garden. No nasty chemicals on your cucumbers. Not to mention you can also support local businesses by buying their seeds, grow heirloom plants, and enjoy tomatoes and carrots that actually taste like... tomatoes and carrots...no more red mush or bitter hard stuff. It's a peace of mind to not be part of the Monsanto chain.


Depending on your home, your urban garden can be a simple kitchen window planter with your main herbs. Or potted plants on your patio or rooftop. Here are some good starters:


Strawberries! These prolific berries can be grown in hanging baskets and make a easy addition to any urban homestead.

Cucumbers in bush varieties can be compact vines for smaller spaces.

Greenbeans also can be grown in pots up lattice – but they do need lots of sunshine!

Salad greens are fast growing and you can grow quite a few mini crops during the summer season. Out of space? Grow your greens in pots with other veggies or flowers. They are shallow rooted and can be snugly planted in any pot.

Chives are hardy little greens that are easy to grow and don't need a lot of room. Their garlic like taste adds zest to your home-grown meals.

Radishes are quick to sprout and easy to grow. See yummy recipe for radishes here:






Many homesteaders are attracted to raising their own meat for a variety of reasons. Some are purposed for complete self-sufficiency. Others are concerned about the treatment of commercially raised meat. And others desire the health benefits of homegrown stock.


Organic, grass-fed, cage-free meat is becoming more and more readily accessible in today's modern market – but it also comes with a price tag.


The size of your farm and any urban regulations will determine which animals you wish to raise.


Goats are a great choice because not only are they tasty, they also can provide a family with plenty of good sweet milk. Of course goats ARE masters at escape, so a sturdy pen is a must, and if you are not equipped to butcher yourself you will want to look into meat processing farms that you trust and are near you. My local go-to place is WOODS.


Chickens are definitely a great addition to any farm. Not only are they great eating, but also make fun pets while also producing fresh eggs (think healthy omega 3 fatty acids scrambled with your homegrown bacon). They also are great for keeping nasty bugs away from your flowers and veggies.


Rabbits are not quite as dual purpose, but they are incredibly tasty and can be also sold to provide enough cash to purchase rabbit food for the rabbits you keep to eat. Something to keep in mind is that these animals also produce great manure fertilizer for your garden! Especially rabbit, which can be directly added to your garden bed. The amount of space needed to raise rabbits is small and they are quiet and they can eat a variety of veggies you can grow yourself.


Eating meat that you know was raised with respect and care is certainly a rewarding experience. With children it also is a great way to teach responsibility.


See this family with young children that raise their own meat –



For more great information please visit: www.homesteading.com 


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