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June 6, 2018

How to make your house “homey” in the Summer



Normally the autumn or holiday season is when I find it easy to decorate and make my home feel welcoming and cozy. But as I near my wedding day, I can't help but feel domestic and hospitable and I want our little cabin to feel like a perfect place to “come home” to.


So here are some ideas I have started to implement!



1. Plant flowers.

Geraniums always remind me of “home”. Bright red ones. Even their musky scent evokes emotions of “home”. Though we moved fairly often during my childhood, mom never failed to have a flower garden and normally, on the porch, were a few potted geraniums. It's not just the addition of color that spices up a house, it's the notable care and effort that creates a loving welcoming spirit. I hope to have my soon-to-be husband make me a little kitchen window box where I can put a few herbs in it too! I love fresh basil and oregano! And how handy to have them right out the kitchen when you're cooking?


2. Linens.

I love cloth tablecloths and muslin napkins and doilies and quilts. Adding a homemade quilt to the back of a chair, or using real napkins at the dining room table can create inviting aesthetics. I just received vintage woven place-mats for a wedding gift! I love them. For me, linens speak permanency and an effort to add a special touch. Check out our Pinterest board on Cabin Decor! I love the inspiration.


3. Homemade Food

Whether it's homemade bread, or grilling in the backyard, taking the time to make your food is a show of domiciliary affection and accomplishment. The smell of fresh chocolate chip cookies is a timeless hack for making a house feel like home.


4. Welcome mat

I never really thought about it, until I sold wreaths door to door. Welcome mats make a difference! I could often tell the kind of greeting I would get once the door opened by the porch and front door! Having a clean front door, with a welcome mat or welcome sign definitely creates a cheerful and inviting atmosphere before a person even sets foot beyond the threshold.


5. Light

When my work space is clean and light, it is much easier for me to feel relaxed and creative. The same goes for the entire home. No one enjoys a sterile hospital atmosphere. Having soft amber lights, lots of candles and lamps creates a much more appealing space. Create a little reading nook and lamp with easy to access books – that can be inviting. Using natural clorored curtains to let in as much natural light as possible is a good idea. Mirrors! Mirrors are a perfect way to expand a room and relect light. Try leaning a large mirror opposite your largest window. Place mirrors in front of candles or lamps. Tuck your mirror behind the couch, or as your headboard. Paneled doors can easily be made to hold mirrors.


6. Re-arrange

I find that I am much more inspired to clean my house or feel hospitable when I bring something fresh to the living room. Sometimes all it takes is rearranging the furniture. Or finding a new treasure at the thrift store. My fiance and I just found a couple of hurricane lamps at a yard sale. They add so much life and homey presence.  Minimizing furniture can also make a room feel lighter and brighter. Or try furniture with lighter wood. A coffee table with thinner legs where you can see the floor will also make a room feel spacious and brighter.   Allowing my “style” and taste to show through in my interior décor is super fun and satisfying. 

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