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Log Home Care & Services


We want you to love your log home!  Sometimes when your home is in need of a little TLC, it can seem a bit daunting.  Fidelity Home Solutions is here to help. 


Restoration of an older log home can vary widely, from actually replacing rotting logs, to filling in checks that have gotten big enough to let in water and cause potential damage.  An un-maintained log home may also need to be sandblasted down to it's original logs and then be re-stained and possibly re-chinked.

A little maintenance goes a long way.  Check out our tips below for Homeowners.  We can help with this as well.  Ask us about our Annual Maintenance Program.

Call for a consultation and let's find a solution that works for you. 


Happy Customer...

"His [Eddie's] crew is his family. They work so well together. Each one brings something wonderful to the table of ideas about this build. They are so very polite. Such a pleasure to have them here. In fact we will miss them when this is done. "

Log Home Care:

For tips and information for the Homeowner on caring for your log home, read our post "Log Home Care", visit our Tips page or click here.

Log Home Inspections:

If you are interested in an inspection of a log home, consider using someone familiar with the intricacies of logs.  As a log home builder and renovator, Eddie knows what to look for and what to be concerned about with log homes in particular.  Before buying or selling a log structure, have it inspected by someone familiar with this special field.  An average inspection will cost about $250 and includes a verbal consultation as well as a written report of the findings and any recommendations.  An inexpensive way to ease your or your buyers mind about a potential purchase.

***prices may be subject to change

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