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Importance of Chink and Stain

If you are new to logs, you may not yet know the importance of chink and stain.

Below are some reasons it is so important to choose a quality stain for your new log home and why maintaining the stain and chink of an older log home is just as important!

Chinking and Staining are essential to any log building.

Chinking seals off air (and also those nasty insects) that may find their way between logs.

Staining preserves and protects logs from weather, moisture, sun bleaching, insects, etc.

We have sucessfully use Sashco brand products with many of our projects. There are many different colors of chink and stain to choose from to meet many different tastes, including a clear stain, which leaves the logs as light and natural as possible. This is often chosen for interior settings.

Here are some examples of color combinations.

Interior clear coat with light chinking.

Many different colors to choose from!

Color Card for Capture Log Stain

Exterior Autumn Aspen with white White chinking

Exterior Chestnut stain with light Grey chinking

Color Card for Log Jam chinking

These two exterior photos show a light stain with a light chinking and a darker stain with a light chinking for contrast. Some people prefer a blended look with similar color stain and chinking. It is all a matter of preference as far as the color goes. The important thing to remember is that a quality chink and stain should be applied to your logs to keep your home beautiful and in tip top shape. Here's to simple solutions!

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